RailClone 1.2.14

RailClone is a 3DS Max plugin for parametric modeling based on custom geometry parts, definable by the user, and a set of construction rules. This new concept of modeling lets you to build complex and realistic structures for Architectural Visualization, Civil Engineering and Interior Design.
The software includes a full library of preset models to create Fences, Railings, Barriers, Guardrails, Handrails or Walls. RailClone is not limited to a fixed set of primitives, you can use any geometry from the scene and define your own parametric structures.
Download RailClone Lite, the free version of the plugin and use it in your personal and commercial projects. 
If you are new to RailClone, see the Getting Started guide for videos, tutorials and more help in your first steps using the software.
Product Features
Suspension Bridge
Native support for Mental Ray and VRay
RailClone lets you to render massive parametric objects made up of thousands of detailed parts, without worrying about the size of the mesh.
A typical scene as the bridge, that would be impossible to render using standard construction techniques, was rendered using VRay in less of 5 minutes, using 2 Gb.RAM and 10 Mbytes on disk.
See the Rendering Best Practices notes for more information and technical details.

Parametric Modeling
Parametric modeling
Create complex objects and structures, using arbitrary geometry from scene as segment primitives. You can define unlimited segments types, RailClone combines them in real-time to build the final object.

Rule based Modeling
Construction Rules
RailClone includes an advanced set of construction rules, allowing you to create complex structures with custom Start, End, Corner, and Evenly spaced elements. Each set of segment objects and construction rules can be stored as reusable recipes in the style library.
Soving heights
Solving heights
To accomplish special requirements when sloped surfaces are involved in Architectural Design and Civil Engineering, RailClone uses advanced algorithms. Sloped walls, handrail stairs, and stepped fences are not a problem anymore in 3DS Max.
Rule based Modelling
Adaptative geometry
The software applies automatically all necessary transformations to create a consistent object. This includes bending on curves, length slicing, bevels and other transformations. You just need to define the construction rules, RailClone adapts the involved segments automatically.
3D Models
Styles Library
RailClone Pro comes with a Library of more than 130 predefined styles, including Fences, Railings, Barriers, Traffic, Walls and other models. The library is fully customizable, allowing you to add new categories and models with a single click and share them with your colleages.

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